Friday, May 11, 2012

Natalie and baby Ruby's sip and see

My Mom and I had so much fun planning this very pink and very girly sip and see for my sister Natalie and her new addition Ruby Jean. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful party.


Food and Drinks

Dessert table and my cute little Ruby

Dessert table and Ruby Jam compote favors

Drink Tags, favor tags and wagon sign

4 Generations. 
My sister, My grandmother, my mom and baby Ruby

Ruby & I... my beautiful niece!


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Monday, May 7, 2012

Monster Jude turns 4, Monster Jam Style!

 I had fun with this theme. I spent many hours searching the internet and pintrest for some great ideas. Thanks to all the other parties before me that had many ideas that were an inspiration for this party. 

Theme: My little Jude the Dude, is so much into monster trucks this year, so we went with a Monster Jam Party.
Location: I wanted an easy and painless party so we choose to have it at MyGym  one of Jude's favorite places to go. They take care of all the entertaining which was so nice for me as the host as well as the parents!

Invitations: I loved making this invite... I created a sutto Grave Digger Monster truck and the rest fell into place. (I used photoshop, to design and create the invite, my signs, and monster truck graphic)
Birthday Boy and Sister Apparel:  We went with a McQueen pit crew button down shirt for Jude, black shorts and some cool spikey orange hair, and Emelia finally was able to wear her girly grave digger shirt that Jude and Daddy bought for her at the Monster Jam. :)

The Cake: I always like to attempt to make my kids cakes. So when I searched monster truck cakes on the internet I found some amazing and creative cakes. I started getting a bit nervous when Jude kept pointing to these 3D Well constructed Monster truck cakes. I had a pretty good idea of how i should construct the body (similar to his train cake last year) so the day of the party.. (crazy move on my part... (in my head i was thinking i may need to just run to the market and buy a cake.. throw some toy trucks on the top and call it a day.)... but I did it. It turned out fabulously! My son was so happy when he saw it... now it wasn't the awesome 3d grave diggers we saw online but it was a truck!

 SMASHED CAKE... it wouldn't be a monster jam if something didn't get smashed. (small miss-hap during the party... a ball hit the truck and smashed it, but the rest of the cake was fine and it was delicious! :)

Decorations & Food: I could only do so much decorating since it was at a party/gym place. I choose to go with Green, Purple, Orange (Jude's favorite color) and black and white checkered pattern. Here are a few pictures of the cute decor & food (we served just snacks and dessert).

Goody Boxes: for the Boys.. they each got a Hot wheels die cast monster truck, a spongebob gummy crabby patty, and monster slime. The Girls got, a light up bling ring, monster high pencils, a jump rope, pink lollypop, and lip gloss. 

Favor Tags & Thank you Cards :

..... and another party done for my sweet Monster Jude the dude!

Thank you to all our friends & family, like always the party wouldn't be a party without all of you!!


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