Monday, October 12, 2015

Skylander Themed Party Decorations.

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 I created this Skylander themed party for my nephew. It was tons of fun and super easy to do!


Fighter Pilot Birthday Party

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  For this awesome FIGHTER PILOT Party for Jude, we found a really cool place that was tucked away in Anaheim. All the kids got to fly the simulator in a dog fight mission. It was really cool. They also got to choose their own fighter pilot name. 
Definitely an awesome party!

 INVITATIONS by me :): lilbeansprout
 How cute are these flight suits!!

FAVOR BOXES: Foam Fly Back plane, Gum balls, Dog Tags, Aviator Glasses, Popcorn and a Cup. 

I got these adorable Aviator Glasses from HB Sunglasses


My little Pony Art Party!

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This was such a fun party to plan. I LOVE teaching art and my daughter loves my little pony.


 Party Favors
From dollar store... Drawing pads and Marker set

Traced out My little pony Bodies on to canvases


To create their ponies they chose their own colors, designed the hair, Cutie Mark and even named their pony. We even used a fun website that they could use to name their pony.

I LOVE that everyones pony came out so different!