Monday, March 25, 2013

The Tooth Fairy visit

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 It finally happened my daughter lost her first tooth! She was so excited. The minute her tooth became wiggly, I started prepping for the big day. 
I bought a fairy door from Hobby Lobby. com
It is very cute! The "Enchanted Fairy Door" doesn't open which makes it nice. I told her "the door only opens with fairy magic." It already comes with a place to hang it on the wall or you can place it on a night stand next to the bed. And because it has a base/stand I was able to sprinkle glitter so It looked like the tooth fairy left behind some fairy magic glitter. The best part is that it is unfinished so your little one can paint and decorate it any way they want. Here is a link to the door we bought.
The night she lost her tooth we set out her tooth fairy bowl that I had bought over 10 years ago at a Party Light home party. We put her tooth inside, hung her fairy door on the wall and also set up my "Very Special Camera" I told her my camera has a special setting that will take a picture if it detects any movement ;). Then she was off to bed.
That night I sprinkled glitter all over left her a note from the tooth fairy and also took a photo of her sleeping. I then photoshopped the tooth fairy into the picture I took of her. When she woke up the next morning she was sooo excited and couldn't wait to see if we had taken a picture of the tooth fairy. So I told her to get ready for school while I plug the camera into the computer. I brought up the fairy image and she was in awe! Here is a cute picture of her looking at the picture. 

I do sell personalized tooth fairy in your own photo in my etsy shop check it out!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to make a Lalaloopsy Necklace and Bracelet

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I made these necklaces for my daughters Lalaloopsy themed birthday party. Each little girl got one necklace and one bracelet in their goody bag.
 Here is how I made them:  
WHAT YOU NEED and how to make them: 
You will need a set of pencil toppers. I bought my set off ebay. They weren't too expensive. I think I bought them from the Toys R US ebay shop.
Pair your head and pet's up, and set to the side.
I bought these eyelets at Michaels Craft store in the jewelry section.
-next start a small hole in the top of the head of your topper with a small thin nail. Put your eyelet in and screw into place. 
Next dab a little glue right where the eyelet and head meet. Just to re-enforce the eyelet. 

Other Purchases:
** heavy duty elastic for the string.
** Colorful wooden beads in various sizes and shapes
** Regular Colorful beads in various sizes and shapes
** any color ribbon

(I got all of this at Michaels craft store as well)
Start stringing your beads to the middle and add your head then do the other side. Tie the string together. Next cut a small piece of your ribbon and tie it in 2 to 3 spots on your necklace.
 Then your Done! Perfect for a Lalaloopsy fanatic. :)
You can see the whole lalaloopsy party here....


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt.

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Thank you to: Happy Home Fairy
 for this adorable Easter Morning Scavenger hunt! Here is a link to the printable's.
Here are pictures from our Hunt Last year. Now what should I do this year. :)

 We also planted some jelly beans the night before and look what grew over night!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

FREE Easter Egg Hunt Printable invitations

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Are you hosting a Easter Egg Hunt? I found one of my Easter egg hunt designs and thought I would share it as a fill in the blank invite and offer them to you for FREE. Click on the link below to download the design that you would like.
For $10.00 I can customize any of these invites for you just send me a message on etsy and I can personalize one for you. 
(SHOP Name is lilbeansprout)

Friday, March 1, 2013

FREE St Patrick's Day PRINTABLE Tags

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Here is a treat your leprechaun is sure to enjoy! :)
Last year I made these yummy rainbow cupcakes for my daughters class. I found the tutorial online. 
After I baked them and let them cool I placed them inside a clear plastic cup wrapped up with a spoon, so they were easy to take home and eat up. I designed these cute tags and thought I would share them in case someone is looking for tags. Here is the link to download: There are 20 ea  2x2 tags on one sheet.