Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to make a Lalaloopsy Necklace and Bracelet

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I made these necklaces for my daughters Lalaloopsy themed birthday party. Each little girl got one necklace and one bracelet in their goody bag.
 Here is how I made them:  
WHAT YOU NEED and how to make them: 
You will need a set of pencil toppers. I bought my set off ebay. They weren't too expensive. I think I bought them from the Toys R US ebay shop.
Pair your head and pet's up, and set to the side.
I bought these eyelets at Michaels Craft store in the jewelry section.
-next start a small hole in the top of the head of your topper with a small thin nail. Put your eyelet in and screw into place. 
Next dab a little glue right where the eyelet and head meet. Just to re-enforce the eyelet. 

Other Purchases:
** heavy duty elastic for the string.
** Colorful wooden beads in various sizes and shapes
** Regular Colorful beads in various sizes and shapes
** any color ribbon

(I got all of this at Michaels craft store as well)
Start stringing your beads to the middle and add your head then do the other side. Tie the string together. Next cut a small piece of your ribbon and tie it in 2 to 3 spots on your necklace.
 Then your Done! Perfect for a Lalaloopsy fanatic. :)
You can see the whole lalaloopsy party here....


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