Sunday, May 19, 2013

Emelia's Magical Fairy Garden Party.... 7th Birthday!

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This was probably the most magical party I have ever thrown for my daughter.  We had such a fun time searching for fairy treasure, making fairy gardens and saying wishes in our Fairy jars.

Here are photos from the party.
Location: Couldn't go wrong with having it at my parents house. :)
Invitations & Printables: You can find the invite and signs in my etsy shop. Lil Bean Sprout



I had my lovely niece and her friend come and help lead the party. They made very cute fairies.

First each girl got fairy Wings and fairy face paint.

Then we went on a fairy treasure hunt. (I had made some brown paper sacks that had a fairy house, a bird in a nest, a stone, and a butterfly. Once each girl found a bag they came back to the table to open their fairy treasure.) For the fairy houses. I purchased wooden bird houses for $1.00 at joann's and hot glued fake leaves on top. I also drilled a hole for a light to fit on the back of each fairy house so there was a light inside.
 Once they opened their sacks... they found the fairy treasure to use to make a fairy garden. 

I had a table set up with seashells, Large gems, marbles, and Tulle pom pom trees. 

When all the girls were done making their gardens.. they had a little jar of Fairy dust to sprinkle on top. As they sprinkled it on top they all said out loud "I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES"
It was really cute! This is to attract the fairies to their garden.

All the Fairy Gardens turned out AMAZING!!
The girls loved it and it wasn't too expensive to do.

 Here is Emelia's Fairy Garden

A few other Games we played were:
  • Little Sally Walker walking down the street
  • Butterfly, Butterfly, Fairy (Played like Duck Duck Goose)
  • Fairy Says 
  • We also did some dancing. 
  • Fairy Wishes... (part of the Party Favor)

Party Favor: was of course the fairy gardens as well as

I made some Glowing Fairy jars. 

This is what it looked like when you take it into a dark room.

So about 15 min before everyone left. We had all the girls sit in a circle. We passed out all the jars, and had them open them. Next we told them to whisper a wish into the jar. Seal it back up and shake the jar. Next we led the girls inside to a room that we were able to make dark so they could see all their little fairies inside. It was really cute and all the girls loved it. (I also put a small ball inside of the jar so when the shook it they felt like they were shaking something.) 

How to make: Fairy Wishing Jars
Take a jar.. (I used mason jars) purchase glow in the dark puffy paint and make dabs inside using a paint brush all over. I used different colors and also made some really big clusters and small clusters. Then I took a fine glitter and sprinkled a little bit inside the jar, before it was completely dry. It takes a long time to dry so doing these the day of the party is not a good Idea. Next I put a small ball that glows in the dark inside. tied a string around it, a poem and a key.

 Food: We went super simple.. Pizza, and Berries.

Cake: We went with a mixed half Pink and Purple dyed cupcakes. With Buttercream or Vanilla Frosting.
I just love this sweet little face!

 THANK YOU to all our Family and Friends for another FANTASTIC birthday Party!

All Tuckered out from a long night of FAIRY PARTYING.