Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine "Heart" Door wreath

This project was inspired by a wreath I saw on pintrest. 
I ended up changing it up a bit.  

What you will need:
  • A wire Hanger
  • Fake plant greens. You want them to be on the long side so you can wrap them around the wire.
  • Wooden Heart
  • Red, White, Black or Brown Paint
  • Red Ribbon
  • Floral wire and wire cutters
How to make it:
First I took the wire hanger and shaped it into a heart. 
Next I cut lengths off my greens and started wrapping them around my heart shaped wire hanger. In certain places I used the floral wire to re-enforce the greens onto my wire. once i covered the whole heart. 
I painted the wooden heart, tied on my ribbon and then attached my wooden heart to the bottom. 

A beautiful door hanger for a Loving season. :)

Keep Creating!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Painting Artist party

When i had my art party business "The lil Artist" people would hire me to come to their homes and do some kind of painting or craft with the kids. Here is Amy & Emily's 6th birthday party. 
I had so much fun with all the girls!

 All the girls had fun creating a one of a kind piece of art. They created 3D art.
They painted a scene on the canvas then painted wooden shapes and a wooden letter (first letter of their name) Next we glued them onto their canvases.

 Next all the girls took a turn mixing in various drinks, soda, and juices for some yummy Artist Brew.

Then the all the girls painted on one canvas for a colaborative piece of art for the girls room. They also had a art scanvenger hunt and found photos of paintings and art supplies.

 Here is the cake and decor.

 Party favors: Art sets and a drawing notebook.

 Here i am with my two assistants. I miss my art party business. 
One day when my kids are older I will definitely start it back up.

(Photography by: Jenner Rose Photography in orange county)

The Adam robot

I mad this precious robot for my good friend Jenny's baby, Adam. His room is vintage robot themed. So i wanted to create something that would fit right in. 

I set out for Michael's craft store and went to the wood and paper mache box isle. I started looking at all the various wood pieces and started designing him in my head. What would make the best head, arms, legs, hands and feet. Then I came home rummaged through my husbands tool box in the garage. 

And this is what i came up with. It was really fun to try to figure out what things would work best to create him, and to use my imagination even as an adult. 

Here is a link to baby Adam's amazing nursery. 

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Pirates treasure Reward system.

In our house we have created a great reward system for the kids. 
It has been a great way to create responsibility and better helpers in the house. 

 I went to Michael's craft store and purchased 
wooden treasure boxes, two clear paint cans, and the jumbo sized gems.
I wanted to get clear cans for the gems so the kids could see the gems they could earn. 
Next i let them paint their treasure boxes.

Then we determined all the things they could do to earn gems. Some activities are worth more gems than others. 

Some good chores for kids are:
-pick up toys
-put clothes in the hamper
-put their dish in the sink
-sweep the floors
-take toys upstairs
-help set the table
-clean their room or playroom

I also included things that sometimes they complain about doing that are not necessarily chores but i figure if it could eliminate an argument or tantrum.
Such as:
-Get ready for bed
-Brush your teeth
-wake up for school
-going potty
-eating well
-getting along with sibling
-playing nicely 
-getting in bed and not getting out 100 times. :) 
-sleeping in their beds all night

Then once they have earned all the gems they get a reward. It usually takes about 3 weeks for them to earn them all. 

They don't always have to be toys but if it is it is usually a $5.00 or less (dollar store sometimes)
or we do a fun activity my daughter likes to get her nails done, my son likes to go to the ice cream shop. 
I have also taken gems away for bad behavior or have threatend to take them away and it seems to work pretty well.
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