Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine "Heart" Door wreath

This project was inspired by a wreath I saw on pintrest. 
I ended up changing it up a bit.  

What you will need:
  • A wire Hanger
  • Fake plant greens. You want them to be on the long side so you can wrap them around the wire.
  • Wooden Heart
  • Red, White, Black or Brown Paint
  • Red Ribbon
  • Floral wire and wire cutters
How to make it:
First I took the wire hanger and shaped it into a heart. 
Next I cut lengths off my greens and started wrapping them around my heart shaped wire hanger. In certain places I used the floral wire to re-enforce the greens onto my wire. once i covered the whole heart. 
I painted the wooden heart, tied on my ribbon and then attached my wooden heart to the bottom. 

A beautiful door hanger for a Loving season. :)

Keep Creating!

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