Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine LOVE. :)

This year Emelia get’s to celebrate Valentines day at school. After seeing soo many cute ideas on Pintrest this is what I have decided to make. (inspiration idea from

PHOTOSHOP:  Luckily I had this photo from last years valentine photoshoot with Jenner Rose Photography. Emelia was holding red balloons so with my handy photoshop skills i took the balloons out, so it made a perfect hand to hold the pop. Then designed a cute valentine card.

I'm planning on printing these photo cards on 4x6 photo paper, Next stick the lollipop stick through the photo....  and then mount them to pink card stock. 

THE TREAT: The pop is a marshmallow that I lightly dyed with pink food coloring, dipped them in white chocolate, sprinkled with some white sprinkles and then topped off with a conversation heart. 

It was super easy to make and shouldn't take me too long to make. :) (that's always a plus!)

 Emelia ended up eating this marshmallow in 2 seconds. She loved it.
Photo by: Jenner Rose Photography (orange county, CA)

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