Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Emelia's 6th Birthday, a Lalaloopsy Pet shop Party!

For my daughters 6th birthday she said she wanted a littlest pet shop party. So the planning began... I started designing invites, I booked a guy to come with 10 puppies for all the kids to play with, then she drops a bomb on me says says one day, "well um instead i want a lalaloopsy party mom!" ...." I was like ok!"  Both are her favorite right now to play with so I thought to myself why can't I just combine the two themes. That is how we ended up with "Emelia's Lala Pet shop"

Hope you enjoy the photos:
Birthday Girl Apparel:
          Dress was made by my wonderfl mother-in-law and myself. 
          Cute Converse Knee high boots from Nordstroms. 

     THE PET SHOP: Included Going into the pet shop, adopting a stuffed animal dog or Alligator. Making a collar, coloring and decorating their animal.

(I made the pet shop using three Sports Utility Boxes from UHAUL)
 Adopt a alligator

 adopt a puppy

A puppy Pinata!

10 cute adorable and cuddly Puppies to play with!
Favor Boxes... included
Girls: Lalaloopsy Necklace and Bracelet that i made myself, littlest pet shop coloring book, crayons, a ring pop, adoption certificate and animal they adopted. 
Boys: Spiderman coloring pages, markers, super hero stickers, ring pop, adoption certificate and animal they adopted. 

Click on the link to find out how to make the Lalaloopsy necklaces.


Photo Booth:
 Emelia with her Nana


Happy 6th Birthday to my beautiful little girl!

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