Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Emelia's 6th Birthday, a Lalaloopsy Pet shop Party!

For my daughters 6th birthday she said she wanted a littlest pet shop party. So the planning began... I started designing invites, I booked a guy to come with 10 puppies for all the kids to play with, then she drops a bomb on me says says one day, "well um instead i want a lalaloopsy party mom!" ...." I was like ok!"  Both are her favorite right now to play with so I thought to myself why can't I just combine the two themes. That is how we ended up with "Emelia's Lala Pet shop"

Hope you enjoy the photos:
Birthday Girl Apparel:
          Dress was made by my wonderfl mother-in-law and myself. 
          Cute Converse Knee high boots from Nordstroms. 

     THE PET SHOP: Included Going into the pet shop, adopting a stuffed animal dog or Alligator. Making a collar, coloring and decorating their animal.

(I made the pet shop using three Sports Utility Boxes from UHAUL)
 Adopt a alligator

 adopt a puppy

A puppy Pinata!

10 cute adorable and cuddly Puppies to play with!
Favor Boxes... included
Girls: Lalaloopsy Necklace and Bracelet that i made myself, littlest pet shop coloring book, crayons, a ring pop, adoption certificate and animal they adopted. 
Boys: Spiderman coloring pages, markers, super hero stickers, ring pop, adoption certificate and animal they adopted. 

Click on the link to find out how to make the Lalaloopsy necklaces.


Photo Booth:
 Emelia with her Nana


Happy 6th Birthday to my beautiful little girl!

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  1. Adorable Party!!!!! I had a quick question. Where did you purchase your Photo Booth "Frames"

    Thank You

  2. Hi Margie,

    Thank you! I purchased the wood cut out frames at Michaels Craft store. I haven't seen them since then. I'm sure you can find them online somewhere.

    Amy :)

  3. I LOVE, LOVE this!! great job! Where did you get the boxes that you used for the "favor boxes"?

  4. Hi Gabbie,

    Thank you!! I actually had the boxes from my business. I think I may have gotten them from ULINE but they are packed 50 to a case. Then I created the label for each child and attached them on. With tape. The decorative skull pattern is duct tape and the hot pink is ribbon.

    Hope this helped!

    1. oh, ok. Thank you. I have been searching for the puppies you used and can only find the ones with the graduation cap on. Where did you find yours?

    2. I bought them from

      I did alter them a bit. I took off the eyes they came with and hot glued black buttons in place to go with the lalaloopsy theme.

    3. Search puppy on the discount school supply.

  5. Wow very creative. Where did you get the supplies for the necklace.

    1. Hi Nasly,

      Thank you! I bought the wooden beads at Michael's craft store. The Lalaloopsy heads are the pencil toppers. It is a 32- piece set that had the heads and pets. Here is a link

      I bought small eyelet loops and screwed them into the tops of the heads. To re-enforce the eyelet. I put a dab of crazy glue.


    2. Oh I also bought some other beads for contrast. We made the necklaces with the heads and matching bracelets with the pets.