Friday, July 6, 2012

Halloween Ghosts DIY

      The last few weeks i've been seeing several Halloween decorations on Pintrest, so I thought i would share a few of mine.... including these adorable ghosts that I made to SPOOKIFY our house.... Ok they might not be spooky but I think they are awfully cute!

DIY: Witch and Pirate ghosts: 
                     2 wire tomato stands
                     2 plastic grocery bags 
                     paper (newspaper balled up)
                     1 White king sized flat sheet
                     Black Felt (one single black sheet)
                     Witch Hat and Pirate hat
                     Spider decoration (optional)
                     Clear fishing line optional 

                   First take the balled up paper and stuff your plastic grocery bags. Tie the bags in a knot. Stand your tomato stands up with the three prongs sticking up, and pierce the bag through so you have a ball at the top to create the head of your ghost. Next take your sheet fold it in half and cut. Once you have cut your sheet in half drape it over the top of your frame. Cut ovals of black felt hot glue them into place for your ghostly face. I pinned my hats to the ghosts but you can hot glue them on. I then tied them with fishing line to make them have arms. If you don't have anything to attach your fishing line to, you could probably achieve this by attaching a wire hanger underneath on to your tomato stand frame.

DIY: Ghosts on a fence
The next two decorations were fun and very simple to do. I had the fitted sheet left from my ghosts above so i cut the sheet smaller and then stapled two ghosts to the fence.

DIY: Pumpkin Witch

             3 Pumpkins. 
(varied in size bottom being a bit larger than the rest and the top smaller or more oval.)
             8 wooden skewers
             1 witches hat
             Black tulle (mine has little silver stars like the hat)
             Green tulle (optional)
             2 sticks for arms.
             Black ribbon

To stack the pumpkins I used skewers to make sure they didn't topple over. I also broke the stem off for the two bottom pumpkins Make a little tutu. Start out with one long strip of ribbon about 16" long. Then start cutting about 6" strips of your back tulle. Tie your strips to the ribbon. Make it long enough to go around your bottom pumpkin. For the Hair I cut long strips of the black ribbon and then stapled them to the top. Stick your arms into the side and put your hat on. 

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