Monday, February 28, 2011

3D art on Canvas

This is one of our go to art projects, when i feel like just keeping it low key. When I had my art party business this was the most popular project and it was a hit with all ages.

Materials Needed
  • Acrylic Paint & paint brushes
  • Flat panel Canvas boards 8x10 or larger
  • Wooden shape from craft store. I have a ton of these that I went and purchased when they were on sale. They have all kinds of shapes (dogs, cats, horses, hearts, stars, turtles, frogs, Letters etc....)
  • Permanent Glue 
  • Optional: gems glitter glue
  • Optional: Glossy Mod Podge
Let's get started!
  • First have your child pick out 1 to 2 shapes to use in their artwork.
  • Talk about where they want their (example: dog to be. Is he out side, where? is there grass? trees? flowers?) 
  • Then have your child set the shape off to the side and have them paint their canvas. Create the scene for the shape.
  • Once the background scene is painted, set that to the side. And have your child paint the shape. Make sure they paint the sides too. 
  • By that time your background should be dry if it isn't just blow dry till it is dry. Have your child place the shape where they want it on the canvas. As well as decorate it with gems (optional) 
  • Next Let the parent only handle the heavy duty glue. Glue down the shape and gems. 
  • Once that is completely dry (give it about a day) Brush some glossy Mod podge over it to brighten up the colors. 

Funky Lady Scrub Brush.

My Best friend Sharon gave me this awesomely unique scrub brush. I love that it gives my kitchen a little bit of whimsy. You just lift her right out of her dress to wash dishes. :) Sharon got it at the store that she is a manager for. It is called Francesca's. I am very excited that they will be opening one up soon in Irvine!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's Use what we have

I have lagged a bit with the craft making. My daughter Emelia found a box of seashells in our garage over the weekend and quickly decided she wanted to make a craft with them. After she asked me morning, noon and night for two days to make a craft with these seashells I asked her what she wanted to make with them and she quickly replied "A kissing fish"

So I thought for a bit and came up with this cute little fish that you can do on the fly. All with things you will have around the home.


What you will need
  • Two Paper Plates (poster board will also work or any heavy weight paper)
  • Paint, Crayons or Markers
  • Magazine, or newspaper pages
  • Pencil
  • Googly Eye
  • Seashells and hot glue (optional) or other decorations 
  • Paste or Glue
  • Scissors (kid scissors for those old enough to help cut)
Let's Get Started!
  • First cut the shape of your fish out of the paper plates. You want a mirror image so cut them together. You want it to be in the shape of an oval with lips. 
  • Then have your child paint or color the body of the fish. 
  • While they are painting you can prep the fins. Or for those of you whom are gearing up for kindergarten and need to work in some scissor cutting skills you can have your child help with this. (apparently this is a super important skill for K) Cut three different shapes. I used about 5 sheets of magazine pages and cut them at the same time so I can fray them in different directions. Then from the top of your fins inward cut slits into the papers.
  •  Next use the pencil and roll the ends around the paper to get a curl. you can then fray the them in different directions to get some texture. 
  • The fish should be dry at this point if not blow dry it. Flip your fish over and glue your top fins and tail fins on so they are sticking out beyond the fish body. Glue the other fish body onto the back so the fins are sandwiched together. Flip it back over and glue on your front fin as well as your googly eye. 
  • Next step would be to decorate your fish! Emelia wanted to use seashells so she placed your shells where she wanted them and I came back through and glued them down with a hot glue gun. 
DISPLAYING YOUR FISH.... We hot glued a heavy duty magnet to the back to display on our fridge but you can also add a string to the fish before you sandwich your fish bodies together. Just loop a string on the top so you can hang it up. Another cool idea would to paint a underwater scene onto a canvas and then glue your kissing fish onto it for a 3D painting. 

Emelia had so much fun creating this craft. She even had more fun playing with the left over seashells and listening for the ocean. :P

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gift for someone you LOVE!

Photo Collage Love Note!

My sweet husbands Birthday is right around the corner so I thought I would share with you what my kids made for him two years ago. It is a super simple piece or artwork for any age.

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas any size. (I like to use gallery wrapped canvas' so they can be hung right on the wall without framing them)
  • Acrylic paint (any colors) or any other non-toxic paint depending on the age.
  • Brushes or Fingers
  • A Printed photo. Print size depends on the canvas size. When photo is place in the center you want at least a two to three inch border around.
  • Fine tip sharpie marker
  • Sponge Brush
  • Mod Podge (matte or glossy)

Let's Begin!

  • Squirt out some paint and let your child get creative. Let them be abstract with colors. Have some music playing so they can move their arms to the beat.
  • Let it dry. Typically 2-3 hours. If the paint is really thick it may take a day to dry. If you want to speed up the process. Use a hair dryer on Low.
  • Once your canvas is dry. Take a little bit of Mod Podge and paint a thin layer all over your canvas. Don't worry the mod podge is white but will dry clear. Place the photo in the center of your canvas. Paint another layer over the whole canvas as well as the photo. Let that dry completely. Give it at least 2 hours or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.
  • So your Canvas is completely Dry. Let's write down why you love the person you are giving this to. Ask your Child: Why they love____? or What do you like to do with ____?and basically you write what they say along the outside of the photo. The best part is to write what they say. Sometimes you can get some really cute and memorable responses. (Don't forget to sign it with the year)
Emelia's canvas says:
" I love my daddy, because he plays with me and is a lot of fun! My favorite time with him is when he comes home from work."
Jude's canvas says: Jude was only 18 months old at the time so I helped out a bit. :)
"I love my daddy, because he makes me laugh and smile. My favorite time with him is when it is just the boys" 

 Here is one I made for my husband on fathers day.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Owls

Look WHO Loves you, Valentines Craft.

Materials Needed

  • Brown paper (example: brown paper bag, craft paper, construction paper)
  • Green paper, red paper & white paper
  • Paper Plate
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Two Large Googley Eyes (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pen, Crayon or Marker
  • Acrylic Paint (White, Black and Orange)
  • Glue or Paste
  • Apple
  • Carrot (I used small baby bullet carrots)

Based on the age level of your child you can do some prep work so they can assemble their craft easier.

Preparing for the craft:

  • First take your brown paper and tear out a circle with two points (triangles) at the top for the ears of the owl. Try to make his body roughly the size of your hand, then tear a longer rectangular piece for the tree branch.
  • Cut a few leaves out of the green paper and two hearts out of the red paper. Cut a rectangle about 2"x3" size out of the white paper.
  • HOW TO MAKE YOUR STAMPS: (PARENT ONLY) For the Owl's face: Take your apple and cut it in half from top to bottom. For the beak: Grab your carrot and cut about 1" off from the tip, then cut that in half. For the Feathers: You can use the same carrot cut another 1" off. If you need to round out the bottom you can. Cut that in half. For the claws: You can also cut about Another inch off the carrot and slice it length wise into four parts. (so you have thinner long pieces)

Let's Assemble it!

  • Have your Child place the paper plate (Moon) on the table. Then Glue down your tree branch, the Owl perched on top, and the leaves.
  • Start Stamping out your Owl. WHITE PAINT: Take the Apple and dip it into white paint. Stamp it on your owl to create his white face. (tip:You may need to use your finger tip to fill in empty areas.) Take your carrot for the feathers and dip it into the white paint and stamp it on your Owls chest.
  • BLACK PAINT: Take your finger tip and dip it into the black paint and create black dots on your owls chest.
  • ORANGE PAINT: Take your carrot tip for the beak and dip it into the orange paint then stamp it on your Owls face. Next take your longer carrot strips and dip them into the orange paint and stamp three lines onto the branch and your bird to make the claws.
  • Glue your eyes or use your finger tips to create eyes for your owl.
  • Use one of the hearts and Write what ever you want on it. (example: Love, Mom your child's Name) then glue it next to your owl.
  • Glue the other heart to the top of your popsicle stick. Then write a love note on your white paper and glue it to the stick. Take the stick and tuck it with glue behind your Owl..... and TADA you are done!

We hosted a playdate at our home and created this craft. All the kids LOVED it! What a great way to show someone you love them. :)
Here are photos of all our friends finished HOOT-A-RIFIC Owls. ENJOY!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here we go...

Alright Here we go. I have now leaped into yet another creative journey. I have been wondering to myself for some time now, why I don't do more art with my two kids. I am a fine art major, and love anything remotely creative. The problem is that the day to day chores have gotten to be too much, that I forgot to just stop and enjoy fun activities with them. I want my kids to LOVE art as much as I do. So when my son freaked out because he got paint on his fingers I knew I had to do something.

I have set sailed and made me some goals:
  • Do at least ONE fun art project a week with my kids
  • Set aside ONE time a month for myself to just be creative.
  • I also plan to get inspired and find fun, quirky, and just plain unique things to share! I want to feature and interview other creative and crafty people, as well as offer some great giveaways.

What's with the name: "Creatively Quirky at home"
I kinda see myself as a quirky individual, always looking at things a bit differently. I sometimes will take a everyday craft idea and add a bit of a twist. I also tend to gravitate to creative and artsy things. Why the "at home" ...well honestly some one already had creatively quirky. ha ha ha... so i figured most of this will be done at home.

So in turn here we are with my first blog post, just to keep track of my Quirky journey. Feel free to create along with us! I would LOVE to see photos from others that have created some of these crafts that I have come up with. Maybe I can do a Share with us Sunday. :)