Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here we go...

Alright Here we go. I have now leaped into yet another creative journey. I have been wondering to myself for some time now, why I don't do more art with my two kids. I am a fine art major, and love anything remotely creative. The problem is that the day to day chores have gotten to be too much, that I forgot to just stop and enjoy fun activities with them. I want my kids to LOVE art as much as I do. So when my son freaked out because he got paint on his fingers I knew I had to do something.

I have set sailed and made me some goals:
  • Do at least ONE fun art project a week with my kids
  • Set aside ONE time a month for myself to just be creative.
  • I also plan to get inspired and find fun, quirky, and just plain unique things to share! I want to feature and interview other creative and crafty people, as well as offer some great giveaways.

What's with the name: "Creatively Quirky at home"
I kinda see myself as a quirky individual, always looking at things a bit differently. I sometimes will take a everyday craft idea and add a bit of a twist. I also tend to gravitate to creative and artsy things. Why the "at home" ...well honestly some one already had creatively quirky. ha ha ha... so i figured most of this will be done at home.

So in turn here we are with my first blog post, just to keep track of my Quirky journey. Feel free to create along with us! I would LOVE to see photos from others that have created some of these crafts that I have come up with. Maybe I can do a Share with us Sunday. :)


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