Monday, February 28, 2011

3D art on Canvas

This is one of our go to art projects, when i feel like just keeping it low key. When I had my art party business this was the most popular project and it was a hit with all ages.

Materials Needed
  • Acrylic Paint & paint brushes
  • Flat panel Canvas boards 8x10 or larger
  • Wooden shape from craft store. I have a ton of these that I went and purchased when they were on sale. They have all kinds of shapes (dogs, cats, horses, hearts, stars, turtles, frogs, Letters etc....)
  • Permanent Glue 
  • Optional: gems glitter glue
  • Optional: Glossy Mod Podge
Let's get started!
  • First have your child pick out 1 to 2 shapes to use in their artwork.
  • Talk about where they want their (example: dog to be. Is he out side, where? is there grass? trees? flowers?) 
  • Then have your child set the shape off to the side and have them paint their canvas. Create the scene for the shape.
  • Once the background scene is painted, set that to the side. And have your child paint the shape. Make sure they paint the sides too. 
  • By that time your background should be dry if it isn't just blow dry till it is dry. Have your child place the shape where they want it on the canvas. As well as decorate it with gems (optional) 
  • Next Let the parent only handle the heavy duty glue. Glue down the shape and gems. 
  • Once that is completely dry (give it about a day) Brush some glossy Mod podge over it to brighten up the colors. 

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