Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Call to Art Auction for #bringbackourgirls and Girls Rising

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 Be Brave... in your soul. 
12x12 Mixed Media
Acrylic, Ink, and Paper
In support of #bringbackourgirls -the 276 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped from their school.
I will be participating in an online Art Auction 
  On May 15th The auction that will benefit: 
Girl Rising -It is a global campaign for girls’ education. They use the power of storytelling to share the simple truth that educating girls can transform societies. Girl Rising unites girls, women, boys and men who believe every girl has the right to go to school and the right to reach her full potential. You can find out more about girl rising as well as what you can do to take action
The Auction begins Thursday, May 15 Bidding starts at 7AM EST 
and Ends 3PM on Saturday, May 17.  
The Auction website is: 
To bid you must create a login and place a bid. There are SO many beautiful pieces or art that are being auctioned by some AMAZING artists. 
If you would like to find out more about the artists who are participating 
please see their websites below.
Jessica Sporn
Linda Kittmer
Ronda Palazzari
Marjie Kemper
  Jamie Dougherty
  You can find more information about #bringbackourgirls and the importance of girls’ education at:;; 
which has this great quote: 
“Why are fanatics so terrified of girls’ education? Because there’s no force more powerful to transform a society. The greatest threat to extremism isn’t drones firing missiles, but girls reading books.”