Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Easter Cake Pops, Cake, and Bunny tails.

Last Easter I made the cutest Cake Pops and Cake. Not only were they totally adorable they were super yummy.

First I made my Cake Pops in my baby cakes cake pop maker and got my perfect circles. I let them cool. Next I dipped my sticks in melted chocolate then inserted them into my cake balls. 

Let them cool in the fridge. The next step I dipped my pops into melted yellow chocolate. Before the chocolate dries you need to put your decoration for the chick on. I used three orange sprinkles for the feet. Two flat round orange sprinkles for the beak, two flat yellow round sprinkles for the wings, two flat yellow round sprinkles for the top of the head, and then two purple round sprinkles for the eyes. 

First bake two round cakes ice them and stack them. Next take coconut and put about a cup into a plastic baggy. Put a few drops of green food coloring inside the bag and shake, till all the coconut is green. Next sprinkle some of the coconut on top of the cake and insert the two chicky cake pops on top. You may need to cut some length off your cake pop stick. To finish it off i added some of the left over coconut to the corners of my plate and put some jelly beans in the nests. 

Bunny tails:
First i took card board and cut a circle about 3" in dia... can be from anywhere (I used a old cereal box and the circle doesn't have to be perfect) Next I cut a white ribbon long enough to tie around a child's waist. I then cut two slits about 1" in apart in the center of my circle. I then fed the ribbon through my slits. Next i glued a bunch of cotton balls to the top. Be sure to go all the way out to the edge so it covers your card board. then your done. 

My kids loved wearing their tails during the Easter egg hunt. :)


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