Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Painting Artist party

When i had my art party business "The lil Artist" people would hire me to come to their homes and do some kind of painting or craft with the kids. Here is Amy & Emily's 6th birthday party. 
I had so much fun with all the girls!

 All the girls had fun creating a one of a kind piece of art. They created 3D art.
They painted a scene on the canvas then painted wooden shapes and a wooden letter (first letter of their name) Next we glued them onto their canvases.

 Next all the girls took a turn mixing in various drinks, soda, and juices for some yummy Artist Brew.

Then the all the girls painted on one canvas for a colaborative piece of art for the girls room. They also had a art scanvenger hunt and found photos of paintings and art supplies.

 Here is the cake and decor.

 Party favors: Art sets and a drawing notebook.

 Here i am with my two assistants. I miss my art party business. 
One day when my kids are older I will definitely start it back up.

(Photography by: Jenner Rose Photography in orange county)

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