Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jude turn's FIVE Ninjago Birthday Style!

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 We went with the Ninjago / Ninja theme for this year's party theme. There were some great idea's that I found searching the web and getting inspired by all the blogs I found on Pinterest. Thanks for all the great ideas!! 

Here is what I did for Jude's party.
INVITATIONS: (created by me in Photoshop.. you can find my shop Lilbeansprout via Etsy)
Birthday Boy Attire: Made by Felt Silhouettes on etsy. Loved this shirt! The quality of the felt appliques are great, and Carmen was awesome to work with. 

Party Printable's and Table Set-Up's: I created these as well. (LilbeanSprout on Etsy)

PARTY FAVORS: Inside was: a fortune cookie, a tootsie pop lolipop covered to look like a ninjago, a rubber ducky ninja, gold coins, lucky money candy and Fruit Ninja gummy candy.  Topped off with a cute paper dragon.
 They also got to take home these really cool foam Ninja swords. They were super awesome, and I didn't have to worry about any of the kids getting hurt. (no sharp edges) 

We did a treasure hunt and all the swords were in there for each kid. 

Dessert Table:

THE CAKE: Designed by me.. Fondant Pieces (ninja's, ninja stars & ninjago mask) made by my friend from Catherine's  Cakery sent to me all the way from Missouri to California. The cake was made by Albertson's Market.
Candy Sushi... Super easy to make.. Tutorial coming soon.
 A Lego decoration my 6 year old daughter made. :)

FOOD: Over seeing all the food were these paper dragons. From Oriental trading Co. 


 ACTIVITIES: Take a photo with Sensei Wu... That we really didn't use. The kids were so interested in the ninjas. We didn't have much time for it. I also Had pin the beard on Sensei Wu

Ninja Star Toss:

 Ninja Training / Treasure Hunt: We had Lord Garmadon and Lloyd pay us a visit. These guys were fantastic!! If you live in Southern California these are the guys to hire. They were very engaging and not cheesy like some party actors you've seen.
 The company's name is Action Events at Sword Play.

                                                          Even Baby Ruby was a ninja.

We had such a fun time and I think Ninja JUDE had the best 5th birthday ever!


  1. What a great party! Would you mind sharing where you got the image for the pin the beard on Sensei Wu poster?

    1. HI Teresa,

      Actually my cousin that lives in Ecuador sent the poster to me. So I'm not sure where she got it from. Her son had the same themed party a few months before.


  2. Hi I was wondering how you made the lunch pinwheel? Did you use tortillas or lavosh? Did you order them from somewhere?

    1. I purchased them from the market. They also sell them at Costco as well. They are wrapped with tortillas.