Monday, March 28, 2011

Trying out Cake Pops... Baby Cakes Pop Maker Review!

My Son Jude's 3rd birthday is in May and I wanted to make cake pops instead of cupcakes for the occasion. I haven't made cake pops myself but after watching a few You Tube videos on them. I thought to my self WOW that's alot of work.  Then while I was looking through a Khol's catalog they were selling the Baby Cakes Pop maker for $19.99 originally $29.99. Plus we had an additional 30% coupon! So we picked up this AWESOME find for $13.00

So before the big Birthday bash I wanted to perfect my skills at this little gem.  I used a box cake mix (Vanilla flavor) from trader joes as well as their chocolate cake frosting and semi sweet chocolate callets.  I mixed the frosting and chocolate together for my coating.

Here is what they turned out like. I now know what to tweek when I make these next time. I need better styrofoam bases to stick my stick's into. (I used the styrofoam from the box the pop maker came in :) I also think I need to use more chocolate callets in the next batter so they harden up better. Or first dip them in the frosting let them cool and then dip them in the chocolate.

All in all they turned out good. They tasted great but were still really time consuming. Dipping all the pops took the longest to do. 

...but My kids sure loved them!