Saturday, August 25, 2012

Class Auction Project

 A few years ago my sister asked me to help come up with a painting idea that my nephews class could do for their annual school auction. They wanted something fun that all the kids could participate in. Since they live by the beach we came up with doing a sea life painting using each kids hands or fingers. We had to make two paintings to fit all the kiddos on them. I first painted the background, then it was sent to the school for hand and finger prints, next it was sent back to me where i embellished the sea life a bit to create the animal. The final artworks had each child's name next to the sea life they created. 
We made two-toned fish by painting two separate colors on their hands. We made adorable seahorses and sea snails by using finger prints. It turned out super cute and I was told they made quite a bit of money for the school.

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