Friday, September 14, 2012

Soccer! Bows, snacks and ways to stay cool!

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 Soccer Season has begun in the Walker house, and boy has it been hot!
I thought I would share a few things we do during soccer season....

HOW TO MAKE.. Soccer Bows:

  • First you want to pick out at least three main colors from the uniform.
  • Buy several spools of ribbon. In various Sizes, Textures, Patterns and Colors.
  • Buy the thick/ No metal hair ties. 
  • Cut each ribbon into about 6 to 8" in length
  • Then start tying the ribbon around your hair tie. Be sure to tie them in a pattern. (example purple, white, black, purple white black, purple white black etc.)
 And that's it! It really is that easy, and Oh SO CUTE! 

Here is a photo of my spools of ribbon: Check out the various Sizes, Colors, Patterns and Textures!

Also you can get ideas for ribbon patterns by the name of the team, like purple zebras you can find a zebra print, or blue dolphins... you may find a dolphin print.... etc

When ever I do snack I like to bring a fruit, a carb, and some Gatorade.
Aren't these cute! I think the kids will really like them. 

Some other snack choices I do are:
Sliced Oranges, Bananas, Watermelon wedges, Sliced Apples, Grapes
Pirates Booty, Gold Fish, Sun chips 

Here is a e-Book with GREAT Healthy snack ideas!

  • Take a few wash cloths get them wet, ring them out, place in a baggy and Freeze. This is a great way to cool off during half time and after the game. 

  • Bring a water Bottle with a fan. Hey it will even keep you as the parent cool while watching on the sidelines. Look at this cute soccer water bottle. Ive gotta get me one of these. Super cute!

  • Bring a Umbrella, it's nice to have some shade while watching!! 
  • and Always keep the kids Hydrated!!
 What are some of the snacks, and cooling off tips you do during sports?


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