Monday, October 15, 2012

Daisy Girl Scout Kaper Chart

It's happening! I have been recruited into the wonderful world of Girl Scouts! Along with my friend Michelle and I we will be leading 8 first graders! We are so excited to get started. So far I have created a  FREE Shutterfly share site that has a calendar with RSVP, roster, photos, and any news I need to share with parents. I also created a monthly newsletter in microsoft word. 

**Since our first meeting is this Sunday, I got working on our kaper chart.
Definition: Kaper Chart
A kaper is a short-term job. A kaper chart is a useful tool used for Girl Scout meetings. It can be used to assign a girl or girls a specific jobs to be done at that meeting.
Here is my chart: This turned out to be a really fun project. 
I used my cricut cutter for most everything. 

I purchased a large folding foam core board.

On the left side: The Girl Scout Law
I created an outline of the daisy flower. We will replace the outline with a colored petal as we earn them. There is a pocket down on the bottom that holds our petals. And of course the Girls Scout Law. I put the text in the corresponding petal color so the girls will cross reference the petal with the Laws.

In the Middle:  Kaper Chart Duties
Here we have the Kaper chart. There is: Set Up, Attendance & Dues, Pledge and Promise, Snack (Drinks & Munchies), & Clean Up
The leaves are interchangeable. There is Velcro on the back. The flower pot down below also holds extra leaves for extra girls that are not in the chart rotation.

On the right side: The Girl Scout Promise
I created a hand and folded it to make the hand sign that the girls use when they say the Promise.

Here is a link to the Girl Scout Law and Promise.

Hope this helps as an inspiration when you create your Kaper chart.

If you are looking for a Brownie Kaper Chart her is our newest one.

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  1. What cricut cartridges did you use?

    1. Hi... The cartridge for the flowers is "Straight from the nest" and the font is "San Serif".