Monday, January 14, 2013

Meet Tippy our Red Footed Tortoise Two Story Tortoise Table.

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I thought I would introduce our newest family member. Tippy. She is a red footed tortoise and we are in love with her. I got her on my birthday as a present to myself. I have always been a lover of turtles, but when I became pregnant with my daughter 7 years ago I had to give away my red eared slider and russian box turtle. About a year and a half ago we adopted Tuck a red eared slider, and I knew it was time to get to expand and get a tortoise for our home.
My husband doesn't quite understand my fascination with turtles but was sooooo incredibly kind to build this indoor tortoise table so she can live indoors during winter. 
Here it is. 

Made with two old grape crates

Two story loft.
My husband is so AWESOME and I love my new tortoise table. It fits right in and looks great.

This is... Tuck our Red Eared Slider. I just love how he smiles. :) I had to share.
we also have two dog's and three goldfish.


  1. Hiya, i love this!! What a fantastic idea...I have a spur thigh tortoise who is 5 now....i think i might have a go at making something, i have the the top bit glass or plastic, any help would be appreciated lol!

    1. HI! Thanks for the comment!.

      On the top story we took the wire top that goes on top of aquariums and screwed it in. So there were no chances of climbing out and falling to her death.
      The only thing I would do different and plan to do... is add some kind of guard rail going up the ramp. Tippy never fell off however, since then tippy has gotten large enough for a outdoor enclosure and now we have two red foot hatching's in there. I have put the ramp up so they can't go up it yet, but need to create a rail so they cant fall off of it.

      I also sometimes place a large flat piece wood on top of most of the enclosure to keep the heat and humidity in. Especially in the winter. I would

      love to see pictures when you are done!

    2. Also I failed to mention, I have the ramp screwed on using a hing so I can swing the ramp up and out of the way. So it blocks access to the top story. :)

  2. What are the dimensions? It's fabulous. I love it.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Since then Tippy moved outside to a larger enclosure and some how got out. We now have a tiny little red foot in there.

      Here are our dimensions
      It is 3' x 2' and 1.5' deep. The boxes we used were old grape crates that I found on craigslist. We cleaned the inside really good. We also lined the bottom with heavy duty plastic. The kind you use for ponds. So the moisture won't rot the wood. Since this I added a very thin wood panels that I bought at the craft store to line the sides of the ramp. I didn't want the baby to fall off the ramp. :)

      Happy Building.

  3. I love this so much. How do you keep the humidity up? This is so much nicer than my ugly plastic enclosure.

    1. Hi Leenie,

      I have a rectangular piece of card board that I cut it to fit a little over 1/2 of the top of the enclosure. It helps keep the humidity levels up.