Monday, January 20, 2014

Daisy to Brownie Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony & Brownie KAPER Chart!

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WOOHOO! My girls have bridged to Brownies. 
Our Bridging ceremony was so perfect! We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day as well as perfect ceremony. We were joined by all our Girl Scouts families.
Luckily our service unit had this AMAZING bridge! I decorated it with rainbow colored balloons.
 Brownies, Muffins and Rainbow colored cupcakes.

 We had Brownies come to talk to our girls about what to expect as Brownies.
They bridged the next day to Juniors.

 Little Gifts I put together for the girls. Personalized Brownie Necklaces by: Nana's Party Palace

YAY! We are now Brownies!

So the next step for me was to make a new Kaper Chart
I was so sad to replace our Daisy one, But I had tons of fun making this new one. :) 
I was able to use some of the elements from my old Kaper Chart.

  1. Pledge and Promise
  2. Attendance
  3. Healthy Snack
  4. Elf Keeper
  5. Sharing Leader
  6. Closing
     7.-Bucket down below is: Helpers

I also had a cute little Brownie Elf made for our Girl Scout Mascot. We use her in the sharing circle. 
Amber from Southern Gothica did such an amazing job on her. 



  1. Where did you find the bridging certificate? It is so cute!! If you can share- please email to


    1. HI Laura,

      HI Laura,
      I actually designed them in photoshop. You can message me on my etsy shop and I can set up a listing for it. Ill design it with your troop number and the leaders names. You just need to print them and hand write each girls names in. my etsy shop is lilbeansprout its also linked to this blog. thank you. -AMY

  2. Hi Amy, Do you have a file you could share for the keys on your Kaper Chart? I've been searching everywhere and cannot find anything big like that

    1. Hi Sherry,

      can you email me and I will reply with what I have. :)

    2. Hi Amy,

      I sent you an email earlier today. Just thought I'd let you know in case email ends up in your spam/junk folder :)