Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Crafty Egg!

My kids have an Easter Egg Hunt playdate tomorrow with a mom's group that I belong to. All the parents are to bring about 12 eggs to hide for all the kids. 

So I decided I would do something that was not candy since I figured that is what they will mostly get. I began searching around the house for stickers, and found the big bag of beads that my kids love to make necklaces and bracelets with.

DING! Perfect idea.... Make your own Bracelet! 
a small craft inside the egg. It is so fitting that the name of the mom's group is artistic moms. :)

So I grabbed: 
  • plastic baggies * you want to make sure your put the beads in a baggy so when the kids open the eggs up the beads don't all fall out
  • colored ribbon
  • the beads
  • elastic string
  • *optional Small lolly Pop

First I measured my wrist and cut the elastic string. I tied a small bead on one end so the kids are set to create their bracelets.

Then take the string and press it into the corner of the plastic baggy. Add a handful of beads (assorted colors so it is for boys or girls.) 

Tie the Baggy off with colored ribbon to hold all the beads in the corner, cut the excess baggy off. I was able to make three bags of beads out of one sandwich baggy. Next put it in your egg, I also added a small lolly pop in there. It was a bit too long so I snipped about a 1/4" off the end so it would fit inside
... and TADA all done.

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