Monday, April 18, 2011

Jude's 1st Birthday { Dr Seuss }


My little Jude the Dude turned ONE!!!

We had such an amazing day yesterday! It was supposed to rain but God heard my prayers and made such a beautiful day. It was a Seusstastic day! I had everything from fun Seuss like tree's to a Dr. Seuss combo Jumper, to fishing for goldfish. Here are a few ideas that made it a Seussical birthday.
Invitations: Well these are pretty self explanatory. I made some amazing invites with a FUN poem on photoshop.
Decorations: I bought card board cut out of various Seuss characters from One of them included a 5' cat in the hat. I also printed various verses that meant a lot to me from some of Dr. Seuss Books. I made the cutest tags that were placed on the cupcakes. I made Seuss like trees with a paint stir stick, a round styrofoam ball and a feather boa. Here are a few pictures of the decorations.

The Tags

The gift Table

Food table & Cake TableREDUCE REUSE RECYCLE
I put this sign up by the recycle trash bag

Games & Activities:

Let's go fishing!
The first game my sister Natalie thought of. Fish for your own goldfish. This was a HUGE hit and all the kids had so much fun catching one, fish, two fish red fish, Blue fish.

The sign had the verse. "Look what we found in the park in the Dark. We will take him home we will name him Clark. He will live at our house he will grow and grow. Will our mother like this? We don't know."

We also had a bouncer that kept the kids busy the WHOLE time. I had a craft all set up but the kids were having so much fun on the bouncer I didn't do it. It was:

Decorate Yertle the turtle.

I printed a bunch of Yertle the turtle heads cut them out and taped them to the side of a paper bowl. Then bought foam shapes and crayons to decorate the shell of Yertle.

Then the Bounce House.... I will never get just a plain bouncer again. The kids LOVED the slide feature on the combo unit.
The Cake: This is where I got WAY to ambitious!! I tried to make Jude's smash cake. I tried to make a cat in the hat, hat. It fell over so I ended up just decorating one single cupcake.

4 HUGE costco cupcakes were sacrificed in the process.

The End result :)Jude wasn't impressed. (ha ha) :)

I bought one box of the HUGE cupcakes from Costco and then made confetti cupcakes for the kiddies.

The Food: I had a grand ideas for this as well but in the end I really didn't want to do themed food. I was going to make green deviled eggs and ham wrapped in cantaloupe. I was going to have rainbow colored goldfish for the kiddies to snack on, Burgers and fries. We did burgers and chips.

The food was AMAZING thanks to my AWESOME dad! Thank you so much!!! we had:
Curly Hot dogs (cut them into fours length wise and boil them till they curl)
Potato Salad
Cabbage and raman salad (super yummy thanks Jenny for the recipe)
Cut fruit
String cheese,
6 layer dip
Artichoke Parmesan dip

Birthday Boy's Apparel:

I had his shirt and bibs made on etsy. I requested a custom listing and got a few bids then choose the one that I liked best. I had a shirt made and two bibs. One for Lunch time and one for Cake time.

Then I bought a cat in the hat shirt for after his cake since I knew he would be a mess.

Here are pictures of his shirts and bibs:Birthday Shirt & Cake Bib Made by Cute as a Button Designs

Lunch Time Bib made by Karens Monsters

You can get this shirt anywhere that sells Dr. Seuss Shirts. I got Jude's on Ebay.

Goody Bags: Well all the kids took home there fish that they caught, with a baggy of fish food and water conditioner and one of Dr. Seuss's classic books with a Dr Seuss Book mark. They had a bunch of books to choose from and bookmarks. I bought them on ebay. All the books were brand new and I paid roughly $2.50 for each. Not too bad.

Then the last two Items that made this SUCH an Amazing Birthday was

FRIENDS and One Happy Birthday Boy who took a 20 minute snooze in his high chair while everyone played.

Oh and to top it all off Jude took his first steps last night after he opened up his gifts.

Actual Birthday photo's to come. My good friend Jenny who is a photographer was so nice and took pictures of this HUGE milestone. Thank you Jenny I can't wait to see pictures. if you go to the client area and type in onefish as the password you can see pictures from the day.



  1. Hi! Great ideas! My sons 1st birthday is coming up & Cat in the Hat is also his theme! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of catching their own gold fish! I thought about it for decoration, but not as a gift to the party guests! I read where you said you sent home the fish food with them but what did you give them to put the fish in? A baggy? Fish containers could get pretty expensive for 15 guests, so just thinking of what else I could use ! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the comment! When I purchased the fish at petsmart I just asked them for a bunch of extra bags. Be sure to get the water for your fish all prepped and ready with the correct temp and water solution so they don't die.

  3. What fun ideas! Thank you for sharing! I have a totally random, weird question- I'd love to re-create the birthday invitation for my son who is turning 1 on August 1st, but do not have photoshop nor do I know how to use it. If I pay you, would you be willing to duplicate it for me, with my son's picture and the party info, or do you have a template I can buy from you and I'll make the changes? I know this is a strange request, but I really love the invitation, and would have no idea how to do it on my own! Please let me know. You can email me at Thank you!!! :)

    1. Unfortunately due to copyright laws I can't reproduce and sell the design. Have you checked on Sorry.

  4. where did you find the dr. Seuss bouncy house?

    1. I'm not sure what area you live in we are in orange county CA. We usually use for all our parties.