Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Craft Kits

After winning a $30.00 Klutz gift card from The Frugal Find I ordered 3 craft kits from Klutz website. I had it in 3 days! Seriously they are fast shippers. 

I love doing crafts from kits, mostly because they make it easy for you by having everything included, and on rainy days you have it at your finger tips. We have used two of them so far, but I thought I would share with you what we made and rate them for you.

First one was mostly for me: BALLOON TWISTING

OK this craft was a lot of fun for my kids. It was like having their very own clown living with them. I was making all kinds of things right off the bat. They loved it. The book has super easy step by step instructions. After the first two I was like I can do this at my kids birthday parties.... but then it starts to hurt the fingers, which made me re think that idea. :) . I also began to wonder how those balloon people make so many of them.

All in all I thought it was great and even doing a few occasionally will be fun. Even better idea is I can make them to put on top of birthday presents. :)

Here are the kids with a few of my creations. 
I made two snakes, two flower corsages, butterfly wings and a hat. 

The next one we made was: A Puppy making kit
These turned out sooo adorable.  My daughter loved making these. I did help out quite a bit but I think she was so excited with the cute little puppies that she didn't care. While they were drying she kept asking if they were ready to play with. 

Basically the kit consists of pipe cleaners some felt and fuzzy yarn. You bend and twist the pipe cleaners to make this adorable dog and then add the fuzzy yarn for fur. The book has wonderful instructions. Great for a rainy day activity. Mostly because once you create these adorable little crafts your kids will want to play with them. :)

I didn't get any snap shots of our puppies but they turned out really cute!

The last craft kit we bought is: Fairies 
(once we do this one I will have to share) 

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