Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Take a Leap and be Daring!

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This past Christmas there wasn't much that I wanted but I knew I really wanted to start focusing more on my art so as my gift I asked for an awesome artistic experience... Daring Adventures in Paint & Life e-course with Mati Rose McDonough, and that is just what I got!  A complete daring adventure taking a journey for 6 weeks of learning various painting techniques and watching lovely artist interviews. I gained some confidence with the great group of classmates as well.
I discovered Mati Rose last year after I purchased a few mixed media art books one being from a talented Mixed Media Artists Mati Rose McDonough.  After that I subscribed to her blog and saw she was offering an e-course. I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. I've tried e-courses in the past and had a hard time keeping on track with assignments due to everyday hustle and bustle but this one I really wanted to immerse myself in, and that is what I did. 
Although I have my masters in Fine art I love the sense of creativity and free flowing nature this course had to offer. She will be having another e-course in April... If you are an avid painter, a beginner or someone who has never painting I highly recommend this e-course check it out!
Here are some of my paintings from the e-course. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun being daring.
 Background above and finished painting below

Background above and finished painting below

Collage and Gold Leafing

And several others that I created....


I'm sending this one all the way to Texas to do a collaboration with a fellow e-course classmate. She created a background and will be sending it to me to finish and I will send this one for her to finish. 

My 7 year old is an amazing artist! She wanted to come learn some new techniques in my studio. She loves to paint and has even won two art contests... I'll post photos of those on another post. :)

 I am SOOO Thankful for this course it has gotten me painting again. I have created a studio in the garage and I'm loving it. I have really missed just playing with paint and experimenting with different techniques even if the painting doesn't come out so pretty :) Next e-course is with Kelly Rae Roberts. I will post all the paintings that I will create in that e-course. It starts Feb 24th... I'm so excited!


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