Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Art Abandonment Project.... sharing what I LOVE!

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What is Art Abandonment?
Art Abandonment is a group of artists designed to encourage random acts of art Kindness, left in various locations around the globe. The idea is that folks can make something and leave it for a lucky unsuspecting person to find. This is where I think that the right person will be at the right place to receive the art that was intended for them as fate would have it! The project was started by Michael deMeng. You can read the whole story here:
A few months ago I joined a very loving, supportive and creative facbook group for one of the mixed media e-courses I am taking. It is a e-course with the talented Kelly Rae Roberts!  What an AMAZING e-course this has turned out to be. It is called "Hello Soul, Hello Mantras!" Kelly shows you in these very in depth and awesome videos how to create some beautiful and meaningful works of art. It is a beautiful way to search your soul and  create a piece of art that speaks to you. :)
In this group I also learned of Art Abandonment from some of my fellow class mates. They said they had been leaving their art in random places for someone else to enjoy. I felt like this was such a great idea considering all my paintings I did for this course had such meaningful mantras I figured it would be a good way to send good thoughts and happiness into the world. 
After joining the facebook group Art Abandonment I quickly began to paint several 5x7 canvas' to abandon while on vacation in Kauai. 
I got such a great response from all my friends and family I decided to create a facebook page so they can follow along as I abandon my art as well as show all my recent artworks that I am working on in my studio. If you would like to follow my journey of abandoning art please follow my facbook page. I also plan to randomly select fans of the page to send artwork to as well.  
Who doesn't LOVE a GIVEAWAY!
 Abandoned in a Tree in Kauai!

Healing Stones Abandoned for someone at Michaels Craft store.
Hoping this will spread the LOVE and maybe you may want to do some random-acts-of-ART. 
**Sounds like a good project for my girl scout troop to do!**

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