Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentines LOVE Bug Craft.

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With Valentines Day around the corner I thought we would make a cute Valentines craft. Sure you can make a ton of these and pass out as Valentines, but you would have to eat a whole lot of fruit cups to get the bodies. So we opted to just make a few for Emelia's really close Friends. My kids really love the mandarin oranges that come in those fruit cups, so I started saving them. I few years ago we made turtle noise makers out of them here is the link:
The other day I envisioned them as Lady bugs. So here we are.

What you need: (to make one)
1 ea   Fruit Cup (washed and dried)
1 ea   1 1/2" Black Pom Pom
1 ea   Black Pipe Cleaners
1 set  Googly Eyes
1 bg  Candy (we choose to do Hershey Kisses)
1 ea   Red, white and black construction paper. 
         Pink wiltons gel food coloring
         Black marker
         Glue Gun

How to make it:

Step One: Take your fruit cup and trace a circle on the white paper., cut small hearts out of the Black paper, and cut a medium size heart out of the red paper. Make sure it fits on the white circle. Glue it on top and write your message.

Step Two: Put a little bit of food coloring onto a paper towel and wipe the inside of your fruit cup, so it stains the inside. Let it dry. Next Fill it up with your candy, and then put hot glue along the edges of the top of the fruit cup and glue your white circle onto it. 

Step Three: Flip it over and put your black pom pom on for the head, curl your antenna and glue them right behind the head add your eyes and black heart spots and your Done!

We made a few of these. We had originally placed the lady bug on a green leaf and wrote our message there and then tried one without the leaf. My daughter liked it without the leaf so we went in that direction. Here is a photo of the one on a leaf. 

Happy Valentines Everyone.

Look later this week I will be adding our Valentine gift/card for my daughters class party!

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